In Evidence

In this section you will find a series of explanatory and illustrative videos of the operation and installation methods of our products. Click on the video to start playing on your device.

SMART 4D-150

Innovative Mechanism Multi-patent Anta Ribalta for Eurogroove systems. Among the main advantages:

  • Automatic system of balancing of the weight on the arm
  • Extruded Aluminum Hinges
  • Adjustments in 4 Dimensions
  • Double False Maneuver
  • 5 locking points as standard
  • Maximum load CERTIFIED IFT 150 Kg
  • Microventilation
  • Preminium finish

Double Deadbolt

Hercules is a patented mechanism for the synchronous movement of the terminal rods.

A single touch is enough to lock/unlock the door.

Available for European Chamber and NC40 systems