Our company Designs, Develops and Produces

Components for Aluminium Fixtures

Our company has been working for many years in thealuminium accessories and systems manufacturing industry. This has allowed us to acquire and consolidate a well-foundedtechnical experience, as well as to develop an appropriate know-how, building up a wide professional range of Aluminium fixtures components and accessories.

We pursue with dedication and passion a specific supporting market aim: We provide innovative and top quality products, allowing the development of our customers as well as our Company progress.

Questo indirizzo strategico ci ha portato a sperimentare uno sviluppo costante, divenendo una realtà consolidata nel settore. Oggi, Tekna System distribuisce i propri prodotti sul mercato italiano ed europeo, riscontrando un crescente successo come fornitore di sistemi innovativi.

Inoltre, la Tekna System è Leader sul mercato nordafricano, area servita dalla filiale situata in Marocco. Guardiamo con entusiasmo e proattività al futuro, puntando su uno sviluppo responsabile e condiviso con i nostri stakeholders.

Customer satisfaction is not only the end, but the means by which to grow together

Giovanni Raniolo


Our Company constantly monitors the external context to promptly catch changes and opportunities that may provide our customers with an Added Value.


We support the customers in searching the most efficient and high performance technical solutions, starting from their specific needs.


Professionalism and Reliability are essential values of our products and services, our Company strives to offer them in every relationship, order and supply.