Our company is continuously searching for new technical solutions able to improve the performance, usefulness and durability of our products. The constant monitoring of market suggestions has allowed us to grow up and to develop specific projects able to give an answer to our customers’ needs, increasing that added value in their jobs. We are growing up thanks to innovation and through innovation. At the same time we assume that products innovation must go hand in hand with the constant improvement of our relational, technological and production processes in our job. That’s why we invest in mechanisms automation, in processes digitalization, but also in technical training of our human resources.




SMART 4D is a Multi-Patent system for Tilt&Turn mechanism. In short, the inventiveness protected by the intellectual property extends:

  • Hinge: a hinge is made up of 3 leaves, one of which is longitudinal and it works as external fixing on the structure by means of steel INOX screws. This mechanism allows to considerably increase the hinge’s load capacity, allowing the production of shutters able to support heavy glasses.
  • Automatic sliding system arm: the innovative automatic sliding mechanism with the lever opening in the sash reduces the traction on the hinge by more or less 65 %. This allows to considerably increase the hinge loading capacity, as well as to improve the safety and reliability standard of the whole mechanism and as a consequence of the door or window in itself.


HERCULES is a lever-moving mechanism for the opening/closing of the sash. The patent protection concerns the inventiveness that has led to the conception of the mechanism movement in itself; through a single action, it allows the simultaneous moving of the levers body. This allows to considerably improve the perceived comfort and the fixtures real performance during daily use.

CUSTOM PRODUCTION - Personalized Projects

Our company has grown up and has developed a personalized know-how together with our customers. We are specialized in planning, development and assembly of tailor made products, according to the customer’s technical, aesthetic and functional specific needs.

This is how a customized production is born: