We Produce

We go through different steps of our productive cycle within our factory: R&D, Planning, Prototyping, Laboratory Tests, Production, Assembly and Packaging.

Highly qualified technical staff accurately supervises a specific productive phase: every production step is subject to supervision procedures, monitoring quality and safety standards aimed at guaranteeing the products reliability and durability.



Moulding is carried out through a continuous cycle by means of hot-chamber presses. Some aluminium blocks, made up of EN 4567 alloy, are put into specific crucibles and led to melting point. Semi-automatic robots help the operator during the moulding activity, allowing an accurate quality control.


Some blocks made up of EN AB 46100 ALLOY are put into cold chamber furnaces and led to melting point. The moulding is automated and involves the operator intervention only for loading/unloading operations and quality control.


We use different Polymer Bases for plastic moulding, depending upon the product typology. The purity of blends is constantly verified so that specific characteristics as strenght and elasticity may be guaranteed. Production occurs through different tonnage presses, with robots automating the loading and storage operations.


The numerous intermediate manufacturing processes are fulfilled through automatic and semi-automatic robots. Responsible operators isolate potential flaws and wastes, in order to get the least possible imperfection percentage.


The painting process is constantly monitored from the chemical and physical points of view, in order to guarantee high qualitystandards and durability for the final product. Assembly occurs by means of automatic machineries, under the operators’ supervision. Finally Packaging is personally looked after by qualified operators in order to gurantee the total absence of flaws.